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I loved my experience with Zambrano Personal Style Services. The idea of working with a stylist was something I thought would be really fun to do, but it seemed a little extravagant and intimidating. Luis was amazing though – down-to-earth, collaborative, and passionate about tailoring his services to meet my needs and interests. We had a blast discussing my personal style and sharing ideas about how I could take my look to the next level. We took a tour of my closet, shopped to find a few key pieces, and pulled everything together with lots of new looks for both day and night.Luis was so fun to work with, while also being highly professional and open about his advice. I can’t wait to work with him again.


Dear Luis,

I waned to send you a note to really thank you for the great job you did organizing my closet. It’s so much easier now to get ready and find what I need to wear quickly. The ideas of how I can mix my work wear are just terrific! I feel stylish but still me. I was worried because I didn’t want to change my entire wardrobe.  I talked about you with a couple of friends and my girlfriend is going to utilize your services soon. She was in shock how my closet looks now lol.  I would like to book an appointment to go on a shopping spree.

Male, 38


​I just wanted to thank you for helping me update my closet.  I was able to get rid of clothes that I never use and with what was left helped me integrate into outfits.  Your shopping services were so helpful and saved me so much time and stress.  You knew exactly what pieces I needed and I looked so chic for the wedding and another work event I attended. I received so many compliments about my outfits. You were able to find me clothes that fit perfectly and that made me feel comfortable and confident. I highly recommend your service and will definitely use ZAMBRANO personal style services again.

Male, 45

Dear Luis,

I am writing this letter because I am so excited and thankful for my recent wardrobe consulting experience with you. At first I was very nervous to have someone come in to provide advice on my clothes and style. I imagined it to be like one of those “What Not to wear” type fashion shows where I would be criticized and teased for my style choices. From the moment you arrived, all of my insecurities were put to rest as you immediately made me feel very comfortable. I like how you worked with my perception of style and body type to consult me in a direct yet sensitive manner. You left me feeling more confident and like I had a fresh start. People have noticed and even commented my “new look” both at work and in my personal life. I could not be more grateful for what your services have done for me. Thank you again and all my best wishes to you as you will continue to inspire others to feel the same way I do.

Male, 38 


Zambrano Style helped me relax this holiday season! OMG! I’m so thankful with the a-mazing job you did finding some of the gifts I needed for family and friends. The way your organization works to shop for the gifts was genius. I hope you had a great holiday season! I saw some pictures on Instagram and it looks like you had a beautiful time. Wishing you the very best for this new year! I’m sure your brand is going to keep growing. Your personality, spirit and talent are going to take you to wonderful places.

Female, 41


New York City

Using Zambrano Style Services was definitely  a therapeutic experience. I had the best time ever!!! I really hate to organize my closet or go shopping and I always make the worst decisions on how to mix my clothes. Luis did it all in such a fun way. He is so nice, creative, professional and time past by super fast.  I wanted to have extra time to make more outfits for my everyday looks. I loved how much he respected my personality and personal style. He is definitely not representative of the stereotype of what a personal stylist is.

Male, 36

Hi Luis,

Thanks for taking the time for the impromptu appointment, love the photos. I just want to say that I am grateful for everything you did in such a short time. You really whipped that closet into shape. I really appreciate your attention to detail and was impressed how quickly you identified what works for my body and what doesn’t. In addition to all of that, I had a lot of fun and felt great about my body when the clothing looked right! I would love to go shopping with you, I think it will really help me focus on purchasing what will work rather than wasting money on items that probably aren’t right for me. There is real value in that.​

Female, 37

Dear Luis,

I had such a great time rummaging through my closet with you! Thank you so much for your help in sprucing up my wardrobe and for your tips on what works for my body type. I was intimidated at the though of someone judging my body and clothes but you have made this experience painless and fun. Completely the opposite of what I expected. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I get.  I didn’t spend a fortune or changed my style, what changed was my confidence because of your advice and expertise.  I specially appreciated that you made my favorite pieces of clothing–for the most part 🙂 – work into something that was flattering. I now find myself saving money and being more aware when I shop on my own because I know what clothes will work for me or what will stay in my closet for years without wear it​.

Female, 35

Dear Luis,

I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did on my closet! It’s been absolutely life changing! I’m so happy with the organization! I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to get ready in the morning! I love all your recommendations and I can’t wait to go shopping with you!

Male, 42


I would love to thank you for the terrific job you did finding the perfect dress for me to wear to my husband’s gala. It’s always amazing working with you! You always get me and even surprise me on how I can wear different styles of dresses that I’d never switch on my own.  I am so happy to be your client and I can’t wait to go shopping again.

Female, 40


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